The American Online Video sharing platform Known as YouTube pays big, Paying big is relative as other online ventures exist that also stand to profit its workers, the most common of which include commercial websites, so what is it that makes YouTube stand among the interests of most people, This article answers this by providing info on earning statistics based on YouTuber records and internet commerce protocol.

So what are the strong points to YouTube? What should i focus on to increase my revenue?

The main points one should consider if desiring to raise ones revenue as a YouTuber, are basically two. These are the subscription and the Views.

Why the need for subscriptions and what are they all about anyway?

Subscriptions to a YouTube channel is a major medium for generating income to a YouTuber. The subscriptions in part helps your audience (the viewers) to easily get updates that you make to your channel including new videos. New content from a channel is displayed on a viewers video feed during the initial time of release and hence speeds up the number of views it gets during that time. It also has a function similar to sharing of video content. Subscriptions are a good reference point by which YouTube recommends videos to other users (other than your viewers) just like sharing does but automated. Increasing subscriptions elevates a channels hierarchy among other channels and makes them quickly optimized for recommendation to other users with similar video interests. So earning a lot of subscriptions can go a long way to increase your audience as well as get content to your audience quickly.

Views, Views, Views, what do they do?

While you might think that all views you get from YouTube videos earn you money, you are totally mistaken. YouTube gains its revenue from AdSense and partnerships with other institutions. What this means to you as a YouTuber is that you are no different from a commercial site employee. YouTube Incomes are based on Ad Views (views you get from the ads posted along side your video), in other words the more people that watch your Ads, the more money you get. It may seem ridiculous but thats just how web commerce is. It does not really matter the content, it is the advertisements along side them that matter.

So How much for Ad Views?

for every 1ooo Ad Views, you get $18 dollars. To a Ghanaian this is equivalent to 104.06 cedis for every 1ooo Ad Views.

So How much for Subscriptions?

for every 1,ooo,oooo subscibers, it has been estimated that a YouTuber earns $ 57,200 ( 330,668.57 cedis ).

Hope that was helpful… Share with Ghanaian YouTubers so they change their misconceptions about YouTube financing.


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