At Halocai, we don’t just exist to entertain and inform, but also, we strive to empower, especially our vibrant youth.

COVID-19 has seen many of us make huge backslides, and many people have been held back, including graduates and people who have completed their National Service.

It is no news that unemployment has been a stifling bug in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Though a lot of individuals and organisations do their best to give opportunities to people, there is still a whole lot left to be done!

HalocaiBlog has therefore taken it upon itself to disseminate any information on work opportunities and hopefully reach a lot of people in the country who need it.

We hope to be able to put smiles on the faces of people who need it most!

Below is a circular obtained from Opportunities4us network and group; it contains a list of work opportunities available to people this month, October, and possibly beyond.

You are encouraged to apply to any of them you qualify for, and be a good brother or sister and share to your friends and relatives whom you think are perfect for these opportunities.

You will find attached to each opportunity listed, a link to the application page, as well as some requirements for the job.

*List of opportunities to explore* by *Opp4Us* *monthly Circular for October is here* 🤩🌟🌟🌟🙌🏾🥳

1. Jumia is recruiting graduates for projects/assignments in their Commercial, Warehouse, Logistics & Operations
and Financial Services space. The graduate trainee program is a 1-year
development plan, with a long term career opportunity. You must have completed National Service.

Apply here

2. Bolt is after an Operations Coordinator in Kumasi.

Apply here

3. Genser Energy is in search of IT Analyst who may have up to 2 years work experience.

Check it out here

4. McKinsey Africa on the Move event to recruit graduate students.

Check it out here

5. Sales Attendants required in Accra, Tema, Ho and Tamale.

Apply using this link

6. Field Managers to work with an International NGO in Tamale are required.

Do not forget to share this to all your friends, family, groups, etc. Think about it, you might be the only thing standing between someone and his or her dream job, or even someone’s last hope of survival.

We as Africans have to develop the spirit of helping and raising our brethren. We should learn to be happy for people when they are raised to higher pedestals, instead of being selfish and wishing for the downfall of people!

If you haven’t been winning in life, don’t give up! Just keep trying. Your time will come! But never be a standing block to someone.

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We still encourage everyone to stay safe. Avoid crowded places, wear a nose mask when stepping out, and make sure you wash your hands well with soap under running water frequently during the day.


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