Over the last three(3) years, I’ve thought deeply about the dynamics of human interactions, behaviours and relationships. It’s so difficult to stay happy in this world because there are always issues springing up to drag you down, and to top it off, everyone has these high expectations of you; everyone wants you to be this “ideal” person that they have perfectly made up in their minds. The normal life, the normal dream – Get through school, secure a job, buy a house, get a wife(if you’re male), have kids and die when you’re old. But what if that’s not what I want? Do I have to do all that anyway simply because my family expects it from me? Do I have to live my whole life as someone I’d rather not be just so I don’t disappoint people?

You’ve heard the story told one too many times, about the boy who wanted to become a footballer, but his family tried to forced him to become a doctor, but he ignored them and followed his passion, and now he’s one of the most successful in his career. And he’s happy and fulfilled.

Well, now that I’ve familiarized you with something relatable and got you on the same page(kind of), let’s switch it up!

Put yourself in the shoes of a guy in his early twenties who has struggled so hard to find love; to find that perfect someone for himself – his soulmate, his friend, his lover, all in one, but he always ends up getting disappointed. There just isn’t anyone meant for him, or so it seems. Then just when he’s about to give it all up and ordain himself a priestly monk, someone comes around, and my! This fellow is perfect! Has the same ideologies as he does, understands all his jokes and references, shares so many interests with him and is just perfect. Uh ohh, but wait a minute… Only one problem… And that is, this fellow is male.

And sadly, that’s the deal breaker. Why? Well, because his religion says it’s wrong to have such a relationship with someone of the same sex, or his family will disown him if they ever found out. Heck, people would even take it upon themselves to pronounce judgement on them and lynch them on the spot if it ever got out. And just like that, something that could have been beautiful never even gets the chance to sprout, because of all these ideologies and conventional methods that have been forcefully chugged down our throats.

With all the “education” we claim we obtain from school, and all the “growth” we say we undergo, we’re still not smart enough to see that we humans have made things too complicated and focused so much on the wrong areas in life. We are taught the scientific method but we rarely use it because our societal and religious rules and dictations supercede our logical thinking.

Society says it is wrong to have sex before marriage, so we accept that as the truth.

Society says it is wrong to defend yourself in front of an elderly person or talk back or argue, and so we allow our voices to be muffled, our ideas not heard because we have accepted it as the truth.

Society says man shall love woman, and that is the only way, anything apart from that is wrong, and so we have accepted it.

You know, centuries ago, everyone accepted the theory that the earth was flat. That was the truth. That’s what everyone knew. It was not until scientists disproved that that the “truth” changed.

Think of all the other false “truths” we have today. Everything is right before our eyes but we still cannot see it.

I know this article is controversial and flawed in many ways. Yes, I get it. I have put great thought into it, so I do know.

I mean, if I’m saying a man can find such comfort and happiness in another man and nothing should stand in their way and prevent them from being together, where does it end? If a man so happens to find such love and comfort in an animal, will I support bestiality too? How about falling in love with an object(Object sexuality or Objectophilia). I bet you’re surprised to hear that, huh? Well, that’s a thing! It’s real.

Well, I can’t say I support all of those, but what I can say is that it’s a free world. People deserve to be happy. People should be allowed to be themselves and express themselves in their truest and most authentic ways. Sexuality is not linear; it is very dynamic. People should not be limited by their sex which was genetically determined. They should be allowed to physically express who they believe they are.

Fun fact: You cannot distinguish between a male and female before the 8th week of gestation. This means, at a point, we were all the same – male or female. Also, this tells us that we are more than our physical manifestation and should not be treated based on that!


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