By: Kogme Matthew.

The Church of Pentecost is a Pentecostal denomination that originates from Ghana. The Church currently has a presence in more than 105 countries globally. Its current Chairman is Apostle Eric Nyamekye
The church has its origins in a British mission of Rev. James McKeown (missionary) in Ghana in 1937.[1] In 1962, The Church of Pentecost was founded. Through foreign missionary work and establishing relationships with other Pentecostal churches, the Church of Pentecost expanded into a worldwide movement. The Church of Pentecost currently operates in 105 Nations headed by Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Senior Pastors throughout the world and about 21,802 local assemblies in 2,381 districts. In 2018, global membership of the Church stood at 3,257,943, with children constituting about 1,056,062. The Church of Pentecost had 137,862 church officers and 2,492 ordained ministers in 101 nations.

Chairman of the Church of Pentecost

Pastor James McKeown 1953–1982
Apostle Fred Stephen Safo 1982–1987
Prophet Martinson Kwadwo Yeboah 1988–1998
Apostle Dr. Michael Kwabena Ntumy 1998–2008
Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah 2008–2018
Apostle Eric Nyamekye 2018


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