Real world information came in, that made you realized that it would not work. This surely means you are now aware of what you weren’t aware of. This is splendid. This time around you would come back with a stronger and better plan, or set of goals. Keep learning.

I ask for help. No matter my struggle in this life, I am never going to give up, I know I can decipher a better way out. But it’s not easy to do that, so I reach out to my partner, friends, trusted family member, and I ask them. They probably would give me some simple, obvious or brilliant tips. No matter what my friends and loved ones never seem to fail me.

I get some rest. When am struggling, in some moments my mind and body just needs some break from the discipline. So I just take a day or two off, and sometimes a week. We do not have set time that is right for every situation, and for that matter I have been learning to go by feel. For some while I have taken off two months or even more to learn something.


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