I fail at things much more than what you even think of, given that I have written books on forming habits and being content with yourself and being minimalist and more.

I fail at all that stuff, and feel horrible just like anyone else.

I get down on my very self, I feel guilty about that, try to prevent thinking about that, would rather hide it from everybody.

failing at things do sucks a lot.

But yet that lion spirit in me get me back on my toes to try one more time.

I fail at eating foods on regular basis, but I keep on trying one more time. I am pretty good these days, at sticking to my exercise plan, but I keep on failing and trying one more time, consistently for so long.

I have attempted so many times to quit writing the book am writing now, scrapped it all the time because it did not feel right. But still, I attempted one more time, now, I am almost done.

I failed at loving myself, but I don’t give up on that.

When I try over and over again, once in a while I succeed.

So what are the secrets involved? actually there is no secret. you just have to try one more time.

That said, here’s what I found to work perfectly :

  1. I learned a more flexible mindset. When you are pushing hard to achieve a goal, things do not go the way you expected , that is when you feel like crap and things can get derailed. But if your mindset is flexible mindset, and think, “I might not see things go according to how i expected it but that’s OK because things change “, then it would not be a disaster in case you get off track. There isn’t any single track that’s mandatory to stay on.
  2. I found out that, every attempt is all about learning. When you fail, that’s actually a good experience. Before you failed, you had it at the back of your mind that very thing would work, but then


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