“Bitcoin just went up by 3%”, “Ethereum just dropped by a tenth of its value”, “a new currency just went live” and many others are stuff we hear on a daily basis. Now at this point you, the reader has probably heard of a few of these crypto related topics here and there.

Every now and then, the crypto market keeps on changing dynamically which is why I’ve put together something brief about certain things that should be common knowledge to anyone that wishes to venture into the crypto market.
Crypto currency simply refers to a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to monitor the generation of currency units and to verity the transfer of funds, functioning independently from a central bank.

A lot of people including my self see this to be a revolution which has greatly influenced the global market.
Currently there are over thirty crypto currencies on the crypto market with the most common ones being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Stellar Lumens, Cosmos, Bitcoin Cash, Dodge, Orchid, Zcash and many others.
Now all these currencies have varying prices with of course bitcoin being the highest of them all since it was literally the first crypto currency to surface in the crypto market. If you are some one who wants to invest in the crypto market, bitcoin would be a strong recommendation from me. As to how to obtain a crypto wallet, there are a lot of platforms that offer such services, Coinbase and Blockchain are by far the most common crypto wallets on the crypto market .

With the world steadily adapting virtual wallets as time progresses, this should be a tangible enough reason to own a crypto wallet and also compared to global bank transfers, crypto transfers are much much easier to accomplish and charge less taxes, some sources claim this was one of the reasons why crypto currencies came into existence in the first place.
As good as it sounds crypto currencies are of course not free, since its literally just the conversion of physical cash into a more easier to handle virtual money.
From time to time you might come across sites or apps that claim to give you crypto currencies for free, now at first this might sound awesome and all but when you look at it from another perspective you would realise that most of these apps and sites are just scams that waste you time in the long run.

Again, most of these site and apps end up denying you the withdrawal of the crypto currency you might have earned on their platform and the few platforms that actually allow you to withdraw your crypto currencies just give you an amount that is almost insignificant. Soo statistically in order to gain a significant amount of crypto currencies from these platforms you would have to invest a hell lot of time into them which is obviously a waste.
The few ways I would recommends in order to earn crypto currencies are :

Either you buy the crypto currencies from trusted platforms with your own money
You mine the crypto currencies ( either through your own computer or through a cloud mining platform).



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