A view across the Nations
Our countries lie in ruins
In the half damaged old huts
The little children cry in silence
Like a mute, with no voice to speak
As the days go by, the plight still remains
With hardly any different story to narrate
Enviously and hopelessly, they watch
As their playmates are being taught
With empty stomachs
They manage to fake big smiles
And with their own hands
Some burry their parents

Located within the outskirts of the villages
Are what seemed like deserted cottages
Accused of witchcraft, antique ladies live there
If there is a crime they ever committed
It is that they lived up to a hundred years
Must the female child atone for misdeeds
Committed against deities by their families?

Lonely thoughts freeze in her mind
Without being able to be delivered
If we were kind enough to lend an ear
We would realize the horror being suffered
As she thinks back to when it all happened
So I ask, at what point did things start to go wrong?
Where have we discarded our schooling?
Or it is that we lack empathy?

The last thing I remembered was a cloth on face
Waking up in a strange room, a small and dark place
For how long have I been here, I wondered the number of days
“Your parents will soon come for you”, he said amidst a wild gaze

Caught up between these moments
Not knowing what the future holds
With hope that one day, good things be told
But will all ever be alright, while we sit doing not anything?

The above indicates in summary, not only poverty but also the inhumane occurrences all over our continents today. Sadly, only a few victims are courageous enough to disclose to others, what they are going through. Talk of poverty and human rights abuse, some of the major crises faced globally.

Citizens of every country, without discrimination of any sort; nationality, sex, religion and ethnic background, are inherent to all rights stated in their constitution. They include, right to life, liberty, freedom of expression and many others. These rights are accompanied by rules regulating their operation and preventing abuse of the rights of others. Regardless, countless people still have theirs being trampled upon, most of whom are keeping their mouths shut while suffering in silence. Depression sets in along the way and before long, suicide becomes their only option. They see that as the fastest and surest way to escape the trauma.

Unlike developing countries, poverty is not associated to only hunger and starvation. Poverty may be regarded the inability to provide for oneself or family, basic resources namely, water, food, education and health. According to the World Bank, as at 2015, over 736 million people lived below the international poverty line- $1.90 a day. Again, it is estimated that about 167 million children will continue to live in poverty by the year 2030 if proper eradication policies are no taken.

Thankfully, today,the United Nations have come up with a sustainable developmental goal plans aimed at not only poverty but also to protect lives and rights of citizens in of all 193 United Nations member countries. Their main aims are ending hunger, providing education and good health, promoting gender equality, protecting the rights of women, children as well as disabled persons, promoting economic growth and justice for all.



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