It’s surprising we are not seeing the likes of Messi and Ronaldo in such list but the exceptional performance these lads are putting up makes it difficult for the Ronaldo-Messi era to continue.

KDB had a wonderful season as an individual. His fantastic midfield abilities always makes it difficult for the likes of Tren-Alexandre Arnold and Andrew Robertson to win assist leader in the EPL. Though his team couldn’t stop the awesome work done by Klopp and his team to win the premier league, his stunning numbers catapulted him to win the all enviable PFA player of the season beating wonderful players like Van Dijk , Salah and Mane. He gives a really good competition for the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year.

Manuel Neuer on the other hand also had a brilliant season with the German champions. Going invicinble for the first time in the UCL is something to really talk about and it couldn’t have been possible if not for this capable man in the post. Nicknamed “the reliable wall” he made some wonderful saves that helped the team to win the German league, the pokal and the UEFA champions league. There’s no way a team can perform this well without a better man in the post.

“Lewangoalski” has been exceptional with his number of goals scored and nearly breaking Christiano’s most goals in a UCl season makes him a favorite to win this award. He definitely had a hand in the 8-2 thrashing of Barca. Without a doubt most people tipped him for this year’s Ballon D’or winner but unfortunately it was cancelled this year. Maybe this award may delight the king of goals and cool him down.



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