A lot of students as C.K.T-UTAS always worry to know the greatest team ever on campus. this has become a headache, people will see this to be a strange story, yes it can be so to others just because they had not gotten the chance to know the impact of a great team on the lives of students.

Every great team has aims, achievements and impaction on the individual life that stands the chance of making your life so different from others and making a unique being when it come to aspect where this team has influence in that part of your life.

Team Alpha has stand tall to change the lives of computer science students who do are not expose to the computer world. It is true that this days technology is ruling the world in every aspect of life. At first we could only think of our communication system as the only source where individual uses technology but today is beyond that assumption as a school of Technology this days our learning system has been shitted to e-learning/online studies which years back wouldn’t have imagine to be  done either so early or at all.

Based on this facts team Alpha has been training students on campus to be technological friendly and to improve our skills team Alpha is a great team on campus will to assist every individual who calls for their aid


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