Unemployment has become a phenomenon which has bedeviled many developing countries which includes the nation Ghana. This is a situation of which a person who is actively searching for a job would not be able to get one. A lot of situations is what brings about this phenomenon which includes the following; High level of illiteracy, inadequate capital, skills mismatch, Financial crises in government. Unemployment has a serious negative effect on an individual and a nation as a whole. Below are some of the effects of unemployment in Ghana.

Firstly, unemployment results in an increase in the dependency ratio in Ghana. Because most people are not employed by the government of the country, there is a huge pressure on the few individuals who have been employed. An individual is likely to have about 8 to 13 people to cater. And for that matter those who are employed would not have enough to enable him or her save some of the money or even invest it, which would have a serious problem on the economy of the country.

Also, It is known to everyone that youth, usually those within the ages of 18 and 45 are the manpower of the country; besides that they form the chunk of the unemployment in Ghana. There is an adage that Satan finds work for the idle hands. So, these unemployed people usually engage in social vices which includes; smoking, prostitution, stealing, e. t. c. All this atrocious acts seriously affects the nation development.

Again, it would be of more interest for an individual to know about the 62% of divorce after marriage due to the fact that there is no money available. In this part of the world, men who get married are the breadwinners of the family. And for that matter a married man who is unemployed or sacked from work, or doesn’t have the knowledge and skills to secure a job, it is glaring that there would be war in the family every single day. Especially when the married couples have lots of children to look after. He can’t perform his duties as a young man. As a result of that there is always quarrels in the house which would lead to breakup.

last but not least, unemployment weakens the tax system of the country. The country drives more than 59% of its revenue from taxes. So if more people are not employed, the country cannot get enough revenue to help undertake developmental projects for the betterment of the nation. Internally it would result into budget deficits which would propel the country to start borrowing from other countries.

To help solve this problem concerning unemployment in the country.

Firstly, the government should make efforts to create jobs for more people in the country. If more jobs are created by government it would enable people to save which would make the economy move forward.

Also, mostly entrepreneurs have a problem with capital to start their own business. Sometimes too some business men and women need capital to expand their business but usually find it soo difficult to get credit facilities due to the interest rate. So if interest rate is reduced it would make credit facilities easily accessible, which would make it easy for entrepreneurs to expand their business and also employ lots of people which would help in reducing the burden on government.

Lastly, the country tertiary institutions should offer courses and programmes which would have a bearing in the job market. Sometimes due to a specific programme offered, graduates find it very difficult to get employment.



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