Food is an essential part of life which needs to be consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism. Food empowers our body to fight against various diseases, empowers our body to create, and urges our psyche to understand and get a handle on stacks of things. In short, food is an average and noteworthy bit of our lives as we build up each day.

There are a couple of nourishments regardless, that can negatively influence our systems especially when we eat them up in excess. These sustenances can be eaten in moderate amounts but become savage when eaten up in enormous sums. To help you with swearing off eating up these foods in excess, I have carefully examined these food sources and coaxed them out of the dark to help you with acknowledging how to live a healthier life.


Bread, especially the ones from outside, contains a lot of refined sugar and salt which can cause hypertension and diabetes. Much bread sold outside furthermore contains bromate which is uncommonly hazardous to your health.


Beans can make a couple of damages to the body especially when eaten up in excess. Beans contain lectins that are subject for their affirmation yet ruinous to individuals. When taken in excess, beans can cause some ailments like stomach upset and some gastrointestinal issues which are dangerous to the body.

Splashed garri

Garri contains cyanide which in excess, can lead to intestinal problems and can worsen an ulcer patient’s case. Cyanide can also lead to serious eye defects and in some cases, complete blindness. An excessive amount of garri may lead to storing of excess carbohydrate in the body and this can lead to obesity. 

Sugar can cause diabetes when taken in excess while the groundnut contains aflatoxins, which can impact the liver. Right when you join the dangerous cyanides in garri and these various fabricated materials in sugar and groundnut, you will indeed be shortening your future bit by bit especially if you take them regularly.

Beat yam and Egusi

Before you vex and leave this page, let me educate you on what these two can achieve for you. Beat is incredibly high in calories and can moreover cause an extended glucose level.

Egusi also contains such an oil which rivals cholesterol in the body and is in like manner, high in calories. If you eat beat and egusi in wealth, you can get fat and can similarly risk getting various ailments. Take this food just by chance.

Yellow bananas

Bananas may be rich in fiber, antioxidants and several nutrients but there are certain assortments that are not as stable as bananas are elevated to be. Yellow prepared bananas don’t contain that body-improving fiber that is found in the greener ones. Yellow bananas also contain unnecessary sugar which can grow the risk of diabetes, tooth decay, and various ailments. Consistently go for green prepared bananas as they are more valuable than their yellow accomplices.

I really hope you’ve learnt something new from today’s post. Don’t forget to share with family, friends and loved ones as well.



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