Some years ago, making money required one to leave home and head to an office, a store, a job site, etc. We say no to that in this modern era, with a lot of online jobs begging to be grappled by internet users. To be sincere, Africans are not really privileged to partake in online jobs as compared to people on other continents. This shouldn’t be sad news, as there are yet still a number of ways to make money online in Africa – I got everyone covered. Without wasting much time, lets take a look at a couple of them.


This is an interesting way to make money online. If you’re priviliged to have enough followers on Instagram or can get enough, companies or clients will pay you just to promote their products and services. By “enough”, I mean getting around 10,000 followers or more. Apart from money, just imagine receiving designer-labelled clothing, monthly packages catered to health and wellness, or a free meal from the restaurant that wants exposure. In short, companies or clients decide what to specifically offer you in exchange for promoting their products and services. That is, if you are on the same page with them.


One of the most recommended ways of making money online nowadays is by signing up with a paying survey site. These companies are interested in your opinion and pay you to express it. You can earn between $0.13 to $2.25 for each online survey you complete. Examples of these websites include and Disadvantages in using these 2 sites are that, surveys don’t come in frequently and are taken by other registered users with the slightest bit of delay. To avoid these demerits, you may consider signing up with “paidviewpoint”. This site offers you a survey in about every 48 hours with a lower earning rate. Money can be withdrawn when it accumulates to a certain amount through paypal or as an amazon gift card. You may sign up with my link to get more bonuses;  


What are you good at? Are you a graphic designer, a good tutor, or you can develop an app? Whatever your skills are, I believe someone will be in dire need of them. Freelancing jobs could be as easy as taking photos to suit your client’s desire, typing, or doing basic research work. Use platforms such as,, and to find freelance job opportunities and to secure high-paying work. To be honest, you may not get jobs on a silver platter and it may take a while to actually land a job, but hey, who knows until you try?

I won’t bother you much today with a lot of information. I will come your way once again to show you more ways to earn online. Stay tuned for more updates on how to make some extra bucks online.

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