Not every drug is chemically manufactured. Some drugs are low-key in a sense that when you are infected you do not know of its effects until it is too late. Porn is one of such drugs!

Porn – the enemy of every son of Adam and daughter of Eve, 20 or 30 years back wasn’t easily accessible but now it is literally everywhere including in movies, music videos, even in video games and especially on social media. The fact is that the porn industry is very profitable. With a single click of a button, you can make the industry rich!

What people fail to understand is that, porn isnt when people are smashing each other with their private parts – there is more to it than that— nudity itself is part of porn. Nudity now surrounds us, we see it on the streets, market places et cetera. When porn grasps you with its claws, escaping is nearly impossible.

Porn offers no satisfactory fix to whatever the hell you felt and you engaged in it, after which it raises that feeling and makes you more aroused, then you go and jerk yourself off— Masturbation a topic for another day!

How the body reacts when you watch Pornography

Dopamine also known as the feel good neutrotransmitter is released by the brain whenever a person watches porn. It is what gives the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction during sex or watching of porn. Excess dopamine is released when porn is watched frequently leading to the desensitization of its effects— a person will therefore need more dopamine in order to feel aroused when he/she watches porn so what aroused you today won’t arouse you the next day. This makes one to switch to higher crazy stuff of porn which includes violent and more violent! Even rape scenes.

Harmful Effects of Pornography

✓ Pornography causes erectile dysfunction.

Watching of hardcore or violent porn changes the way the brain reacts to arousal making a man less likely to be aroused by a real partner. The use of sex toys can desensitize the penis making it to require more physical stimulation thereby making erection difficult to take place. Imagine your wife leaving you or cheating on you because you are unable to make love to her.

✓ Pornography promotes rape and sex trafficking.

Ever wondered why Feminism is on the rise? It’s because we the men want to act like dogs. In porn, women are treated as sex tools! Their sole purpose is to give pleasure to men and that is wrong! There is more to women and sex than what porn offers! As one watches more porn and is exposed to more dopamine, he gradually moves to hardcore scenes including rape scenes and child trafficking scenes. Due to the exposure of too much dopamine in his brain, normal sex won’t be able to arouse him and then he will try rape and child trafficking just like in the porn.

✓ Pornography wastes time and shatters dreams.

The hours wasted in choosing and watching of Pornography could have been used to do something productive in your life or earn a living or even learn a new trade!

✓ Pornography damages your spirituality

If you are caught up in this wormhole, worry not, for every problem there is a solution! But it will require great effort and time. Organizations such as Stop Porn Culture, Fight The New Drug et cetera are out there that can help you free yourself of the grasp of Pornography. All you have to do is to visit their site and follow them on YouTube for daily advise and tips. No matter how many times you fall back to it always rise up and have faith that oneday you will be able to completely get rid of it.

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