Opera News Hub is an online media platform where content creators can reach over 350 million people. Content creators can generate revenue through paid sponsorship. click here to join new hub

Opera news is an extension of opera browser owned by Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., Ltd. (Zhou Yahui) (48%) Qifei International Development Co. Limited (Qihoo 360) (27.5%) Keeneyes Future Holdings Inc (Zhou Yahui) (19.5%) Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I L.P. (5%)

Opera news operates by hiring freelancers to write news and articles on varies topics and categories daily , the pay from opera is high compared to other platforms but not the highest. click to start earning

Opera news Hub pays its user every 15th of each month. When your content starts to get more relevance and engagement, you then begin to track your earning and your performances based on the number of post views and ads clicks.

On your account dashboard, you will find Withdraw Earnings. Login with your Facebook or Google account and push the button. If you don’t forget, we said earlier that withdrawals on Opera News hub can only be made on the 1st or 15th of each month

Here is how you can calculate your earning based on the clicks made on your link after your article loads
Traffic Fee

  1. Total number of clicks for the month = 250,000 clicks.
  2. Value of clicks = 0.036(0.0006) per click.
  3. Monthly Traffic Fee = 250,000 x 0.036(0.0006) = N9000(142cedis).

Finally made up your mind to join ? then click here . Do not be discourage by what is paid since in my next article i shall tech you how to increase you earning by 100 times on news hub


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