Neuralink is a company that develops brain computer interfaces started by Elon Musk. A conference was held a few weeks ago where their latest discoveries were shown.

For a lot of people, including myself, brain computer interfaces are the future of immersive technology, mental disease treatment and the human species as a whole and on the surface, that is what neuralink has promised to deliver. Jokingly referred to by Elon Musk as a fit bit for your brain, the neuralink has a wide array of sensors, processors and transmitters that enable the neuralink to tackle a wide range of applications that promises the ability to both receive and return information that suits the applications required.

Thanks to a Bluetooth interface this will be highly accessible and Elon Musk and his team have already made promises to do everything they can to ensure that the neuralink technology will be both safe and secure. Therefore, no worries needed since the neuralink device will be able to be taken off and put on at will no matter when and where. This technology has already been tested on pigs and has yielded outstanding results. Now looking at the structural similarity between humans and pigs, its safe to assume that this particular piece of tech would function almost similar and even better when applied to humans. During the conference, three pigs were brought out to serve and demonstrate different things,

A pig with no neuralink

A pig with a neuralink

A pig with a removed neuralink

Now using nothing more than the activity from the brain they could ascertain the activity of a pig’s snout and the movements it was making with high accuracy. If you don’t know the value of that, just consider that an accurate enough read of movement intent could be used read user inputs for things such as virtual reality games or to serve as data for prosthetics and exoskeletons both of which are applications which they arguably are just as prepared to work on considering that the neuralink has a thousand and twenty four electron channel system available that allows them to both read and write information. This means that they have the ability to read up to one thousand and twenty-four points of electrical activity on your brain at a time and at each point they will have the ability to excite things with a precision of one thousand neurons per electrode. In my sense, this is actually great because this a ‘less is more’ approach.

And having control of over a thousand points to stimulate electrically at a greater precision level than could be done before could mean great things for possible treatments of neurological diseases, which I thing all in all is pretty great. One could say we are just about there when it comes to pulling off that starburst dream and beating up the bullies with mind powered Tesla robots that a lot of young people are probably thinking. Over all I think that the neuralink technology that is being perfected by Elon Musk and his team of experts is something that is capable of leading the human race into the next phase of evolution .



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