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Just as we have the Mathematical set, which everyone knows, Dext Technologies has come up with an innovative pack; The Science Set.

The Science Set is a portable set of basic electronic components which include connecting wires, diodes, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, a multipurpose motor and many others, which aids students of all levels to better understand the concept of Electronics, Forces and Energy, and to facilitate the practicalization of the learning of STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The Science Set is the young engineer’s tool pack!

It is highly recommended for all aspiring engineers.

With the Set, the student is also able to learn and practice the Scientific Method of solving problems, which develops the critical thinking and problem analyses traits of the student.

There are so many experiments that can be performed with the science set, and get this! The student will be able to build a simple robot with the components in the set!

You can get the Science Set for your ward at GHC160.00.
This comes with free tuition from a Community Innovation Agent from Dext Technologies.

Contact: +233544560282 (0544560282) to get your Science Set!


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