Life as we see it consists of a lot of learning and while we try to grow, we fall several times because of the mistakes we make. Being a fresher in the university is a stage in our life that comes with the most mistakes.

Definitely, some freshers have probably made some of these mistakes already but you an still correct them through this writeup, so stick with me till the end and enjoy the ride to prevent a next mistake.

Surely, you act weird and so dumb. As a fresher, it is very likely that for the first periods of your stay, you act so dumb and that’s exactly how continuing students notice you hence the essence of orientation.

No matter how irrelevant it might seem, always take orientation seriously because it is a one-time thing and you don’t have to miss it. So what? You missed orientation because you thought it was not necessary, now look at you …. asking if night market is opened only at night…

Also, forgive me for being a little scornful but University is not SHS where you have to join just any and every society that comes your way in the name of experience. Every organization, society, crusade, every event, you are there.

On Friday, Cadet meetings, and other several gatherings. Saturdays too, no rest, choir rehearsals and in the evening, church prayers. On Sundays also, you are on your way to join Ocada to some Only God knows what church it is. Ebei, busy body will kill you too quickly, you dont have to go to every gathering just because of item 13, after all, you were living ever peacefully without them.

Freshers dont handle money the right way and it will be very dificult for most people to learn this because you don’t draw a budget unless of course you are from my kind of home or you had some strict warning before or probably, you’re tight on finances. That shouldn’t be so and that makes it a very big mistake as a fresher. Budget for everything, following new pals for shopping sprees will leave you broke while they go and have fun without you
My humble advice, a word to a wise is enough.



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