learning through reading a text has to do with looking at a piece of information in a textbook or any reading device and understand most of what is written in the text.

There are several things that trigger us to read, these include:

1. Reading to find out information from a text.

2. Reading just for pleasure

3. Reading to get an understanding of a document

The techniques for becoming a good reader depends on the way you read. In case you are reading a story for relaxation you would want to read very fast without neccesarily understanding word for word, whereas if you are reading for an examination you would want to grasp each word.

Ways Of How To Reading

  1. 1. Preview Of Document Or Text
  2. The most important step when you want to preview any text or document of which you are interested has to do with establishing in your mind the purpose you want to read and also the sort of material you are willing to read.

2. Skimming The Material

skimming a document is necessary in cases where you want to get the general idea of what the book contains. it enable you to be able to quickly search through the material, determing which particular area of the material is going to be helpful to you. when you skim through a material, you turn over the pages quickly and run your eyes over the text, looking for various pointers, with that it would enable you to tell about the content of the material.

3. Scanning The Material You Want To Read

The rate of scanning should be more than that of skimming. It is used to look up find a specific information, example : looking for a specific terminology under respiratory system. You can also scan headings and also sub-headings, and then use your experience to find the information you are looking for.

4. Reading To Understand

when you really want to understand what you are reading, it is very necessary to get the meaning of what you are reading, before you then continue to the next page. It is a must to read slowly to understand all the ideas and also the facts the chapter contains. Most of the times you even have to read the chapter twice or three times before you can understand it. It is usually good when you write down an important point as you are going through the material, or better still write down a summary of each section if you complet it.

SQRR Strategy

Below are the meanings of the above letters

S: Survey

Q : Question

R: Read

R: Recall

R: Review

In the strategies above, you must go through five stages that would enable you get an understanding of the very material you are reading.

  1. 1. Survey
  2. survey is similar to skimming. you look at the author, date of intial publication and also various editions, The title and also if it’s up till date. In addition to that look at the chapter headings and also the content to identify the portion of the material that is important to you, and also introduction to find out the name of the author.
  3. lastly check the biography and also index in gain wider view of the content of the material.

2. Question

before you start reading the material ask within yourself very self what you are willing to gain from the book, the reason you are reading, in case you find out what you are about to read would not be of benefit to you it might be very helpful if you go and find something productive to read.

3. Read

You might want to read a particular page or topic more than once to be able to understand it. Next what you have to do is to look closely at the content of the material, then asking yourself questions relating to that material. Then decide what you think about the section you just read.

4. Recall

At the end of every chapter, always try to recall all the main ideas in what you have read. You can write down notes on points you can remember.

5. Review

Review is somehow similar to recall, but review beyond recall to check your understanding, besides mere recall. Check by just going through the chapter to enable you know if you have understood the concepts.Make notes on any that you think you do not understand properly. Most students usually perform what they are capable of doing because they don’t review, and for that matter review is something you should consider seriously.



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