It is a very popular notion to hear out there, that the cause of all our sufferings here on earth is Eve, the first woman on earth. We hear according to the creation story, that Adam and eve were living very comfortable lives back in heaven, but because of their actions of eating the forbidden fruit, we all eventually find ourselves here today suffering. While this is only slightly true, the bulk of it is false. Why do we say this? Let’s take our time and look at it.

The first is that, we were already meant to be here on earth, even before our creation. Why? You do realise that, everything on earth was created before man. And we know very well, that one of the purposes of man’s creation is to take care of all things on earth. Have you thought of it? Looking critically, you realize that, we were meant to be here already. And so, the eating of the forbidden fruit was only an avenue through which this would be accomplished.
So why then were we not put here directly, but God had to wait for the forbidden fruit to be eaten before doing so?
The answer to this is that, God wanted to communicate something to man. The lesson from that is that, committing sins would lead man into destruction, and move us from good and joyous living to difficult and destructive states. In that, just as Adam and Eve were living very well in heaven but were brought to earth to have difficulty because of their actions.
Let us all try to learn lessons from anything bad that happen to us, and correct our lives, rather than associating negativities with everything.



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