The case of hostel fees has been a major issue for students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology (KNUST), as students have to pay more than trice their school fees every year for accommodation. 

Some students of the university have therefore taken to the school streets to protest against what they describe as exorbitant amounts being charged by private hostel owners. They are thus calling on the government and the university management to address the situation immediately. 

A team of police personnel was deployed to the school to prevent the students from demonstrating on Friday morning.

The students are crying out that the high rate of hostel fees is making life unbearable for them. Hostel fees range from Ghc 3, 000 to 5, 000 for various packages at hostels. Other sources disclosed that, the rent charges by some hostels, per annum, are as high as GH₵10,000.00 for executive rooms and GH₵9,000 for standard rooms. The least charge for a standard room is GH₵3,500. This is a seriously extortion on the poor student who even struggle to feed.

Some students lament that even though they charge these exorbitant prices, nothing is being done to renovate hostel facilities. The roads leading to hostels are in a bad state. They take all that amount of money and they do nothing about the hostel facilities and the roads.

Others complain that ‘ there is a pandemic that has affected economic activities yet private hostels still increases their fees.

According to Mr. Kotani Justice, a level 400 Development Planning student of the KNUST, suggests that the school management should adopt the online system to enable students stay home and engage in their academic work.

However, some Concerned Students of the University has submitted a petition to the University’s Management, describing the rise in accommodation charges as unimaginable and exorbitant, as many households are still struggling to make ends meet, due to the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that has put the economy in a bad state.

University authorities has assured students that they are engaging the relevant stakeholders, both the private hostel authorities and the hostel association under KNUST, to come to an amicable solution.

Management through the office of the dean of students are engaging private hostels registered under the school to lower their increments.



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