The problem when it comes to accommodation has become serious burden to our principals of tertiary institutions,parents, and also VC . This problem was not encountered in some few years ago, but now, it is a problem in our institutions. It didn’t happen by accident, but because there are some things our stakeholders aren’t making right which has brought all this problems.

Administrators of our noble institutions Put little efforts to expand the various facilities which has being there for many years. But the number of applicants who got admission into such institutions weren’t high, the school had the ability to accommodate all of them without having a problem at all. But, currently, the number of students who get admission to the tertiary institutions has increased significantly but the same facilities or probably few expansions have been made in some institutions. Since the increase in number is not commensurate with the existing recommended facilities, definitely this would have an impact on admission. In economics, it is said that if demand exceed supply there would always be shortage.

Also, there is so much pressure on other universities and tertiary institutions, therefore, regardless of the efforts administrators make to increase the facilities, there would still be problems with admissions due to the fact that not all the applicants qualified to attend that very institution. Some of the tertiary institutional organizations have even made an extra effort to create branches or sister campuses aside the main or parent campus. Besides that, since other people in some parts of the world are not used to that system, they are never ready to to go to such places but they prefer to be admitted in the parent campus. If such thing happens, in order for the administrators to reduce pressure on the already existing facilities they have to reduce the number of candidates who would gain admission.

In case there is no sufficient accommodations in those tertiary institutions, that inappropriate situation would affect the applicants the most, this is because the available facilities would not be enough to accommodate that huge number of students who would be admitted, and for that matter some qualified applicants would be denied admissions. Sometimes too unscrupulous landlords too take advantage of that situation and extort some money from such unfortunate students who are admitted but do not have any accommodation on campus.

In order to help bring such inappropriate situation under control, I do suggest that;administrators should try and improve and also expand the tertiary institutions nowadays students pay huge amount of money for accommodation, so they should channel some of their resources to expansion works on campuses.

Also, the tertiary institutions that have enough money should make much efforts to open branches in other parts of the nation to help reduce the burden on our parents.

Lastly ,online and also sandwich courses can also be introduced so this would make students to be able to gain enough knowledge at the comfort of their homes.



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