If you have always dreamt of making money online with a zero balance or without investment, then affiliate marketing is the one for you! Affiliate marketing simple means promoting products or anything online to drive traffic to it. You will be given a trackable link to be promoting the products. In this article I’ll be telling you the best Affiliate networks and how to promote their offers.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing as I said is all about promoting products or offers ( it can range from anything including promotion of surveys, VPNs, betting sites, et cetera.) and earn money or commissions when your audience complete an action through your promotable link. Here, the action simply refers to, for example if you were promoting a survey and a person was able to complete the survey— he had completed the action and therefore you will get paid. Also, if you were promoting a VPN service and a person follow your link to download and installs the app and pay for the service— your action has been completed and therefore you will get paid! But if your action wasn’t completed, you won’t get paid.

Worry not, affiliate marketing won’t be a problem if you can target the right audience for the offers you choose. You do not need to be a business graduate or expert in order to be a success in affiliate marketing. All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate program and start promoting the products. So the cycle of an affiliate marketing program is: Join, Promote and Earn! Simple right?

Here are Some of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs:


MaxBounty is a cost per action affiliate marketing network, which provides affiliate marketers the opportunity to become affiliates for different companies and earn extra income for every website visitor they bring to those companies. It is one of the largest affiliate networks out there, with thousands of offers you can run to make money. All you need to do is get people to click your links and, depending on the offer, maybe fill out a form or something. It’s not that difficult if you target the right audience for your offers.


CPABuild is one of the best paying and easy to use CPA affiliate networks. It targets users from all backgrounds, especially beginners who can easily join and earn from affiliate marketing. Unlike other affiliate networks, CPAbuild offer easy ways of promoting links with landing pages. Here, a landing page is simply a webpage a visitor is sent to when he or she clicks on your link! Some affiliate marketing sites don’t offer this service.

Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world that helps content creators, publishers, and website owners monetize their traffic. With millions of products to choose from on Amazon.com, Amazon Associates use easy link-building tools to direct their readers to products and earn from qualifying purchases. Not only do Associates earn commission on products they refer traffic to, they may also earn on other products their readers may purchase on Amazon. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site today. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission— it’s that simple.

eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is eBay’s affiliate marketing program. Infact it’s my favorite affiliate marketing program. Just like the others it provides you the opportunity to promote eBay products and earn commission when a person buys the product via your link. It also has wide range of tools for easy tracking of your link. Click here to check out eBay hot sale of new Lenovo Flex Convertible 14″ HD Intel Pentium Gold it’s Free shipping!

There are other affiliate marketing programs out there in case you do not like these programs. Feel free to do research and find your desired affiliate network.

How To Promote Affiliate Links

As I have been saying, affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be a tedious job if you can target the right audience for your products but make sure you do not spam. Nobody like spammers on their page or site. These are some of the ways you can promote affiliate marketing links;

Through blogging

You can promote affiliate links via a blog. You can use banners that will appear on the side of your website which contains an affiliate link for a particular product. You can also embed links of products in words on your site or blog. For example, if you click here, you will be redirected to an iPhone 11 pro max hot deal on eBay with free shipping!

Through Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit et cetera)

We all know that social media sites especially Facebook has a lot of traffic. You can promote your links through groups or pages on either Facebook or any other social media sit. You can also create a page of your own which you can use to be advertising the products. Also you can go for paid promotion on Instagram or Twitter if you want your offer to reach thousands of people.

Free advertising sites like Gumtree, Craigslist et cetera.

That’s all for how to make money through affiliate marketing. I advise you to do more research on this matter. Good luck earning from promoting!

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