“OMG I just got my first ever MacBook, I am so so excited, but wait a minute, this interface is so very different from windows, how do I even connect to my phone’s hotspot with this thing’.

If you are one of the new commers out there who have just started using a MacBook and you are experiencing this easy yet somewhat confusing problem then worry not because this article has the solution to your rookie problem.
So basically if you do not have a modem to access the internet with you can rely on the data on your phone because your phone is pretty much a portable wi fi device you carry around everyday and everywhere you go.

First and foremost what you have to do is turn on the hotspot on your phone first, now don’t worry it does not matter whether you are using an apple iPhone or and android device i will give the proper steps to accomplish this as well. First of lets begin with ‘how to turn on the hotspot on an iPhone device then I will move to android users next;

  1. Tap on the settings icon on the screen of your iPhone device
  2. Next, tap on “personal hotspot”
  3. Then, all you have to do is ‘enable it’
  4. Then choose the password of your choice , or leave it as is, but I personally recommend choosing your own personal password for easy remembering’

1. Navigate to settings
2. Tap on connections
3. Scroll down a little and tap on “mobile hotspot and tethering”
4. Activate the hotspot
Now once you are done activating the hotspot on your android or apple iPhone device, move to your MacBook.

So once you are on your MacBook, at the top right corner of your screen you will see a wi fi button, click on it.
You will get a drop down once you click on the wi fi button. This drop down will contain a list of all available wi fi networks in the surrounding area .
Next you will have to locate the name of your hotspot (mostly, it’s the name of your phone). This should not be difficult to locate but if you are having a problem locating your mobile device all you have to do is, pick up your phone and go the hotspot settings and change the name of your device and that is it. You should be able to easily locate it on your MacBook.

Once that is out of the way , next you will have to double click on the mobile hotspot and a pop up should appear which will demand you to enter the password of the hotspot network you are trying to connect to. So you just have to enter the exact password you set on your apple iPhone mobile device or android device and click on join. And that is it you have successfully connected to your phone’s hotspot.
Now if you look at the wi fi button on your MacBook you should notice a small symbol which shows that you have been connected to a wi fi network.



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