You’ve probably heard of blood type. If you haven’t, you just did 😄. It’s not the hearing though, it’s the knowing. If you happen to know your blood type that’s awesome, if you don’t know then it’s important you know and here is why.

Wait, what is meant by blood type anyway? Simply put, it is a classification of blood based on the presence of absence of inherited substances on the red blood cells. There are different classification systems of blood, hence different blood types. Emphasis will be on the two the types mostly used.The two classification systems used are the ABO and Rhesus D classification as they give the most medically significant blood types.

The ABO classification gives rise to four blood types A,B,AB and O. The Rhesus classification is based on the presence of absence of the Rhesus D substance or antigen. Combination of the two systems will give you your blood type. The possible blood types becomes eight, A Rh+, where A is blood type A, and the Rh (short for Rhesus) is indicated positive (+) if present, and negative (-) if absent. It can also be written A+ i.e blood type A with the presence of the Rh substance. A- i.e blood type A without the presence of the Rh susbtance. This applies to the other blood types giving B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-.

You’re still wondering why it is important to know which blood group you belong to right? Care for a little side story? Well the long and short of the story is a cousin of mine nearly lost his life when he got cut by a glass mirror and he bled excessively. He didn’t know his blood type off head, neither did we so time had to be consumed determining his blood type and donors when he could have been receiving blood. Generally blood type O is known as the universal donor and can be given to all blood types but can only receive from another type O. Blood type AB is known as the universal recipient and can receive blood from all types. Transfusion of incompatible blood can be very fatal!

So yes knowing your blood type and even those of your family and friends is important as it can be of use in emergency situations requiring blood transfusion.


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