The Tech World has continually improved, breaking fictional boundaries and making the impossible possible.
It’s amazing to see tech giants take the lead in such technological advancement. (Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and others)
Dual Screen phones do better where smartphones do worse ,i.e. multitasking eg Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Fold /Z2 5G

Microsoft Surface Duo

Examples of Dual Screen smartphones: Microsoft Surface Duo, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z2 5G and recently LG joined the market with the LG Wing 5G phone which is a whole new level of Smartphone with dual screen.

Examples of Foldable Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Z flip and Motorola Razr 1 and 2

Dual Screens

Handling a big display has never been easy, this is where dual screen phone has the upper hand. Theyare smartphones with bigger and better screens, yeah really big screens. They are flexible and above all lightweight to carry all day with less stress.

Motorola Razr

Form Factor

Two screens with a hinge and two screens Baked together.
These are ways in which Dual Screen and Foldable phones have been presented by the world’s tech giants. These form factors are really interesting and come with their pros and cons. For the two displays with a hinge, is all about using a screen with a hinge as a separation whilst the others have both displays combined to make immersiveness better.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

An example of a device with two screens is the Microsoft Surface Duo separated by a hinge with two motherboards baked into a device thin enough to enter your pockets.
Another example is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it has two screens working together without any boundaries unlike the Surface Duo with a hinge that is very visible.
The Motorola Razr also seeks to bring back the nostalgic feeling of using an old flip phone, Samsung also
presented a similar form factor(Galaxy Z Flip) recently.
Overall Foldables Have come to make multitasking easier and better which means you can go on a day without a Laptop or a desktop Computer since you can run more than one app at a time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip



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