England fell to Italy through a penalty shoot out on a night Italy was probably the better side. But one thing that was tragically clear was that; it was three black players that lost three penalties is a row for the three lions.

The final with Italy finished 1-1 after extra time, but three missed spot-kicks by England players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka handed the trophy to the Azzurri and saw the Three Lions miss out on their first major tournament victory since 1966.

The defeat led to horrific abuse of the three black players who missed penalties with various disgusting messages on Twitter and Instagram containing racist imojis including banana and monkey imojis. Various City authorities including Boris Johnson and Prince William are among those to condemn the racists and urge police to arrest them and ensure they are prosecuted.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest lost for England in 55 years and fans are still coming to terms with the situation. After their heroics in the last World Cup they came into this tournament as underdogs and were one of the favorites to win the cup.
Racism in association to football has looked to entrench itself in modern day football where players are been target for their ethnicity, skin color or country of origin.
The just ended Euro 2021 has seen various instances of racial abuses targeted at black players which is very disgusting and dangerous for the football world. Football is a sport which dynamic and brings together various people from across the world.

First it was the booing when players took the knee… then national anthems were boo’d .. then supporters forced their way into Wembley without paying …. then there was the violence and now this!
All of this a bad for football which is one of the greatest sport this world has ever seen..’

Racism is real and unless you experience it regularly in overt and subtle ways you will never get it!!! As a black man whenever anything negative happens in life i pray that black people are not involved otherwise some segments of society will be waiting to paint all of us with the brush/crime!

Sad and sickening. It was only recently that Saka was the man of man in this very tournament and no matter how much one practices anyone can miss a spot kick and Rashford and Sancho are special players and talent too! See what happened to Mbappe and some of the Spanish team!
It’s about time people realize that anything can happen in football and losing should not be taken personally.

Yes name and shame …. and prosecute BUT then go after the social media companies who could put filters and who could control but refuse to.

England over achieved in so many ways and to some extent so did Italy but on the night Italy were probably the better side!


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