The official Twitter account and Attack on Titan website today revealed that on Decemer 7, the final season of Attack on Titan would start broadcasting on Japan’s national broadcaster NHK-G, ending the epic saga. Last year, the final season was confirmed to air in the Fall 2020 anime season, which begins in October and ends at the end of December.

On May 29, the official Attack on Titan Twitter account revealed that the series would air on NHK-G in Japan, with WIT STUDIO’s anime production taken over by MAPPA. Attack on Titan Final Season will be directed by Yuichiro Hayashi (Dorohedoro, Kakegurui) with Hiroshi Seko ‘s series composition, Tomohiro Kishi ‘s character designs, and Kohta Yamamoto working on the music alongside the music.

Fans of this Animé have been expecting the final season for do long! After season 3 ended on a note that held so much suspense; that was the beginning of the revelation of a lot of shocking truths as we saw how the first titans emerged, and the character Chief Zeke. The final season will answer all the questions we have on our minds now.

This is truly going to be the best season of Attack On Titan yet!!!


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