About us

Halocai.com is a tailored innovation crafted by a group of young Ghanaian people, most of whom are High School graduates and University students; including Mr. Apeyusi Charles, Mr. Morris Gyamfi, Mr. Abdul Mumeen Mubarak, Mr. Fritz Boadzo Donkor, Mr. Abdulai Zinya Mr. Joey Nwinsagra, Ms. Eugenia and Ms. Christine Birago, and headed by Mr. Cai Yu Xiang and Doctor Hal.

The vision this team had in mind when setting out to create halocai.com was to bring the world closer to people in a fun and entertaining way.

Also, the team, which has spent time blogging for other institutions and creating content for other organizations with not much to reap from it, decided to come together, heralded by the common goal to combine their amassed skills and experiences into a unified site where you can find all that you need.

halocai.com is your trusted source of information, life hacks, technology and sports updates, fiction and non fiction stories, Medicine and Health, International and local news, and much more.