The University of Cape Coast is one of the prestigious universities universities in Ghana. The school runs a lot of programmes. These include degree, diploma and certificate courses. This article will discuss the programmes run by the university and the fees paid in the previous year ie 2019/2020 academic year.

Celt Lecture Theater, UCC

The programmes run by the university is put under five colleges (with nine faculties). Each college has a number of faculties under it. Because of the large number of courses run by the school, this is just the first part of the article series on the courses offered at UCC. The programmes that will be discussed in this article are from the college of education studies (faculty of humanities and social science education). The programmes in the faculty are; Bachelor of Education in Arts(B.Ed Arts), B.Ed(Social science), B.Ed(Social Studies), B.Ed(Accounting) and B.Ed(Management). These programmes are from one faculty under the college of education studies.The programmes will now be discussed in detail.

1. Bachelor of Education (Arts) (B.Ed Arts); the program features a lot of subjects (mostly languages). These include French, English, History, Religion and Ghanaian Language(Twi, Fante). Depending on the electives an applicant read in Senior High School (SHS), the school chooses two subjects for them to study under the programme. If an applicant read Literature-in-English and history/government in SHS, they are likely to be given English and History to read in the B.Ed Arts option. In the second year of the programme, students are allowed to choose which subject area to major in and which one to minor in. For instance, a person reading English and French will be allowed to choose to either major in English or French. The fees paid in the 2019/2020 academic year for B.Ed Arts was 2,962.00 Ghana cedis (accommodation inclusive). Unlike other universities, UCC automatically adds the accommodation fee to the admission fee.

2. Bachelor of Education (Social Science); similar to the B.Ed arts programme, applicants will read two subjects under the programme and get to choose a major and a minor in their second year. The subjects for this programme is only Geography and Economics. Students will automatically read these two subjects once they are given admission to read the B.Ed(Social Science) programme.

3.Bachelor of Education (Social Studies); This programme features one subject is Social Studies. However, in the course of taking the program, students will read History, Geography and Economics as courses. This therefore does not limit students to only social studies. The fees for the 2019/2020 academic year was 2,962 Ghana cedis.

4.Bachelor of Education (Accounting); this programme features business related subjects. These are Economics and accounting, with an option to either read management or not. The programme content is quite similar to Bachelor of Education (Management), with some few differences as students progress. The fees for the 2019/2020 academic year was the same as the other programmes in the faculty (Ghc 2,962.00)

Bachelor of Education (Management): just like the above mentioned programme, this programme is business related. With management and economics as the subjects under the programme. The fees is the same as that of the above mentioned course.

With respect to the 2019/2020 academic year fees, there was a 5% increase in the fee. This was not announced early but later charged in the students portal in April,2020. The increase was across all programmes in the school. For someone who paid 2,962.00 Ghana cedis as admission fee, a 5% increase means an additional 154.00 Ghana cedis.

The next part of this article will discuss other programmes run by the school. I hope the article was helpful. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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