Part 1. Health Related Courses

This is simply a piece to help applicants of UDS (Tamale) campus to get familiar with the various courses offered at the University for Development Studies, Tamale Campus. Under each summary of the various courses, the fees charged for each course for the previous academic year i.e 2019/2020 will be captured to help potential 2020/2021 students draw an almost close budget.

Central administration

1. MBCHB(Medicine)

For medicine(MBCHB) which is run for a total of six years, once you are admitted, you would have to do 3 years on campus where you’ll mostly consider the theoretical version of various systems(i.e anatomy, physiology, embryology, pharmacology, epidemiology and microbiology) and 3 years at the Tamale Teaching Hospital which would prepare you for the actual medical field. Fun fact; you’ll be writing a block exam for your first three years(pre-clinical) at the end of each system, i.e you have a major exam to write at most once in every 6 weeks.

The fee as at 2019/2020/academic year was GHc2,455.00

2. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)

For pharmacy, it was just introduced in UDS in 2018, and thus this will be their third year of running the course, so there’s a high chance of easily getting it. It’s equally good. Upon completion, you get to work at the Pharmacy department of the hospital and you are licensed to permit people to operate pharmacies for a fee. The fee charged last year was GHc2,200.00

3. Doctor of Medical Laboratory and Sciences (Medilab)

Dr. Of Medical Lab. Science just as you know is all about the lab but then the advantage of doing it at UDS is that the doctorate has just been introduced so there are still plenty chances of getting a job easily and you will equally be licensed to permit people to operate labs for a fee. The school fees for this is GHc2,029.00.

4. Community Nutrition(CMN)

There is also Community Nutrition which is very good just that people outside its scope fail to recognize its importance, you could work with an NGO or at a hospital as a community nutritionist etc. The fee for this is GHc1,693.00

5. Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing and Midwifery are equally very good. They run almost the same system like Community nutrition over here. It is advisable that science students apply for these since they’ve a higher chance of getting them. They currently charge a fee of GHc1793.00

So there you have it. These are the health related-courses offered at UDS, Tamale (Dungu campus). Medicine and Pharmacy under the School of Medicine and Health Sciences(SMHS) and the others under the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS).

We wish all applicants the best of luck and we hope to see you at school soon. Don’t forget to stay safe. Wash your hands regularly with soap under running water, wear a nose mask when in public and avoid crowded places. You are the future of the country!

In the next series of this article, we will be covering the Educational Related Courses offered.

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