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Faculty of education

Per the reviews we had on our previous article (part 1), most of our readers were not happy with the fact that we left out the cut-off points for the various courses. We deeply apologize for that.

Okay with that being said, SSSCE/WASSCE holders seeking admission into Degree programmes must have at least C6 (WASSCE candidates) or D (SSSCE candidates) in three Core and three Elective Subjects.

To be admitted into a Diploma programme, five credit passes in English Language and Mathematics plus credit passes in any three other subjects in SSSCE/WASSCE is required. Any candidate without a credit pass in English Language and Mathematics (core) need not apply for the Diploma courses.

However, meeting these requirements does not totally guarantee that all candidates with the minimum requirements for the programmes will be admitted. Preference will be given to candidates who have better overall total grades/credit passes.

  1. BA in Development Education and Diploma in Development Education

Okay first on our menu today is Development education. Per my research and interactions with friends offering it, I was able to gather the following pieces of information.

. It’s about promoting development especially in rural areas.

# There are a lot of opportunities that come with pursuing it since in the whole African continent, it is only offered in Ghana. This is simply because; unlike the European countries, Africa still has a long way to go as far as education and development in general is concerned.

The course is being offered in a manner that upon completion, one does not necessarily have to be a teacher since it covers a wider scope. Therefore you can choose to work with an NGO or any institution as far as research and development is concerned.

It is also an international related program so you can work outside Ghana when an opportunity arises.

The least grade required of degree applicants is C6 whiles for Diploma applicants, it is D7.

Students hoping to offer the degree version will be required to pay GHc1,440.00 whilst students applying for Diploma will be charged a fee of GHc1,395.00. These figures are subject to change though.

  1. B.ed Basic Education and B.ed Early Childhood Care and Education. Early childhood is usually classified under Basic Education studies

So one can specialize on a particular field of interest i.e either early childhood which would mean teaching children from the foundational stage of education to primary three(3).

And when you choose basic education it’s from primary four(4) to Junior High School

You can work with NGOs or in the teaching field.

And when one furthers to the top you could be a lecturer by specializing in a particular course of choice. The minimum grade for Degree is C6 whiles that of Diploma is D7 or E8 Potential students of these courses will pay an amount of GHc1,440.00 which is also subjected to change.

Okay there you’ve it. Now you know all the courses offered on TAMALE campus

We continue to wish all applicants the best of luck and we hope to see you at school soon.

Don’t forget to practice the COVID-19 precautions; Wash your hands regularly with soap under running water, wear a nose mask when in public and avoid crowded places.

In the next series of this article, we will be covering the courses offered at UDS Nyankpala Campus.

Finally please don’t forget to share your thoughts on this so we’ll know how to serve you better. We really appreciate the reviews and contributions you made on the previous article.

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